12 of the world's most unusual cocktails (2023)

(CNN) — Everything's a competition these days -- and that includes the "relaxing" world of cocktails.

In honor of their yearly efforts, we raise a glass to the effort with 12 weird and wonderful cocktails worth seeking out around the world:

1. Doug Laming's Margarita

There are apparently only two Cointreau Caviar Spherification Kits in Australia, and the Rabbit Hole Bar has one of them.

This magical piece of kit allows barmen to create pearls of booze that burst in the mouth.

"I love the different reactions you receive from first-time patrons when you bring it to the table," says Matthew Smith, assistant manager at the Rabbit Hole Bar.

Barmen use sodium alginate, calcium lactate and the spherification kit to create balls of Cointreau.

Other cocktails served include a "Jellied G & T" -- a jelly cube of Hendricks' gin.

Rabbit Hole Bar, 82 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000; +61 02 8084 2505; Doug Laming's Margarita: $11

2. Coquetier

Served in an eggshell, the ingredients for this drink include rum, chocolate and cinnamon.

Antoine Amédée Peychaud was an apothecary known for the brandy toddies he served out of egg cups at New Orleans Masonic gatherings in the 18th century.

Two hundred years later, the team at Pret a Diner have recreated this historic cocktail.

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The key ingredients are rum, chocolate, cinnamon and of course the chicken egg in which the cocktail is served.

Fans of the drink include supermodel Bar Refaeli.

Pret a Diner, Zinnowizerstr.7, Mitte district, Berlin, Germany; Coquetier: $9.30

3. Camel milk cocktail

Abu Dhabi's Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal has its own camel milk mixologist.

courtesy Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal

A non-alcoholic cocktail originally created for Muslims fasting during Ramadan.

Compared to cows' milk, camel milk is three times as rich in Vitamin C and is full of iron, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins.

The camel milk drinks will be available after Ramadan at Mijana, the Ritz-Carlton's Arabic restaurant.

"Camel milk mixologist" Mohammad Daoud originally created his range of camel milk cocktails for Muslims celebrating Ramadan.

Due to the high level of protein and other nutrients, it's the ideal drink to consume during Suhoor, the meal taken prior to sunrise during Ramadan, and comes in several flavors including strawberry, cherry and nut.

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal, Khor Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; +971 2 818 8888; Camel milk cocktail: $6.20

4. Sourtoe cocktail

The Sour Toe cocktail served by the Sourtoe Cocktail club can be any drink -- what turns it into the Sour Toe cocktail is the addition of a real, preserved amputated toe, which is dropped into the glass.

Although nobody seems sure of the origins of the drink, it first appeared in 1973 when drinkers who consumed a glass of Champagne or beer that contained the toe could then declare themselves true "sourtoers."

Today, the toe can be placed in any drink but one rule still applies: "You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow -- but the lips have gotta touch the toe."

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Some 60,000 people have reportedly tried the Sourtoe cocktail to date.

Sourtoe Cocktail Club, Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Yukon; Sourtoe Cocktail: $5.80

5. The Rum Blazer

Jerry "The Professor" Thomas was an American bartender who's considered the father of American mixology.

Thomas perfected the technique of lighting whisky and throwing the flaming liquid between two silver tankards.

The late bartender inspired Shaka Zulu's Rum Blazer: a fiery concoction prepared at the customer's table and only served at a temperature below 50°F/10°C.

It contains spiced rum, Grand Marnier Liqueur and cinnamon dust and was inspired by the famous Blue Blazer cocktail.

Shaka Zulu, London, UK; +44 0203 376 9911; The Rum Blazer: $17

6. Gunpowder Plot

Gin is infused with with "gunpowder flavors" and shaken with fernet branca and egg white.

courtesy zeta sydney

This Guy Fawkes-inspired cocktail is the creation of Sydney bartender Grant Collins, whose favorite ingredients include dry ice, liquid nitrogen and jelly.

Previous creations have included the Bacon and Maple Syrup Manhattan and the La Premiere, which blends Appleton Rum with popcorn.

"For the Gunpowder Plot, we infuse gin with gunpowder flavors and shake it with fernet branca (a traditional herbal digestive) and egg white," explains Colin Tam, head bartender.

"This method leaves the cocktail with a thick layer of froth on the top. When the cloche is closed and smoke is added the froth is infused with a smoky, wooden flavor which changes the drink completely."

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It contains gunpowder-infused gin, spiced gunpowder syrup and bitters and comes served in a smoking cloche amidst a pile of twigs and oak-scented fog.

Zeta Bar, Level 4, 488 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000; +61 02 9265 8374; Gunpowder Plot: $20

7. The Crapper

Drinking a cocktail out of a toilet bowl might not seem like the classiest way to start the night, but they go down a treat at Rock and Rita's in Las Vegas.

The calorie-filled Crapper is a chocolate-based Piña Colada garnished with a Snickers bar. You get to keep the glass once done.

Rock and Rita's, Circus Circus Hotel & Casino, 2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, USA; +1 702 691 5991; The Crapper: $25

8. Diamonds are Forever

Only the finest ingredients go into this luxurious $1,347 cocktail: L'Heraud Grand Champagne Cognac, Luxor 24k Gold Flake Champagne and The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas bitters.

Served in a Swarovski Crystalline Cocktail Glass, which contains diamonds in the stem and which you get to keep, it was inspired by the Junsui Lounge in the Burj Al Arab, which features 29,000 Swarovski crystals.

Skyview Bar, 27th Floor, Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates; +971 4 301 7600; Diamonds are Forever: $1,347

9. Dukes HRH Baby Cocktail

Inspired by the recent royal birth, the creators of this cocktail made passion fruit puree one of the key ingredients.

It also, thankfully, contains Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut NV, Cointreau and passion fruit -- the perfect drink for summer.

Dukes, St. James's Place, London, UK; +44 0207 491 4840; Dukes HRH Baby Cocktail: $25

10. Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs and Bacey

This unusual cocktail was designed to help drinkers recover after a heavy night and comprises a basic Bloody Mary with the addition of hot sauce, Irish stout, a garnish of pickled vegetables, quail eggs, bacon and a grilled cheese sandwich.

"The quail eggs and grilled cheese combined with the vegetables turns this drink into a little meal specifically designed to take the edge off of a rough morning," explains Chapel Tavern owner Duncan Mitchell.

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It forms part of the bar's "hair of the dog" cocktail menu.

Chapel Tavern, 1099 S Virginia St Reno, Nevada 89502, United States; +1 775 324 2244; Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs and Bacey: $10

11. The Bullshooter

12 of the world's most unusual cocktails (3)

Caipirinha with candy floss.

courtesy onlyone dresden

Aromatic foams, jelly and candyfloss all appear on OnlyOne's cocktail menu, but the most popular offering is the Bullshooter -- a glass containing three test tubes filled with aromatic pearls of Blue Curacao, ABSOLUT Vodka and Red Bull.

OnlyOne is Dresden's first molecular cocktail bar and its menu also includes edible cocktails such as Caipirinha with candy floss.

OnlyOne, Alaunstraße 83 01099 Dresden, Germany; The Bullshooter: $8.78

12. Earl Grey caviar martini

Air and caviar are used to give extra flavor and texture to this drink, one of several unusual concoctions served at Hong Kong's Quinary cocktail bar.

Other Quinary cocktails include a Bloody Mary made with wasabi-redistilled vodka.

This spectacular cocktail contains caviar molecules and an Earl Grey-flavored martini, topped with a dollop of Earl Grey-infused air.

"The Earl Grey Caviar Martini is also a refreshing combination of freshly muddled cucumber, lime and lemon juice, with elderflower and apple juice," says Quinary mixologist Antonio.

"These ingredients go especially well with the citron vodka."

Quinary, Ground Floor, 56-58 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong; +852 2851 3223; Earl Grey caviar martini: $15.60

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What is the number 1 cocktail in the world? ›

1. Margarita. As the most ordered cocktail in the world, the classic Margarita has been one of the most popular cocktails in America for years and still remains on top. While there are many variations, the traditional recipe consists of tequila, Triple Sec and lime juice.

What are the top 10 cocktails? ›

The 10 Most Popular Cocktails
  • Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned was invented by James E. ...
  • Moscow Mule. Sophie Berezinski and her father owned a copper factory in Russia. ...
  • Negroni. The Negroni was invented at Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919. ...
  • Mojito. ...
  • Whiskey Sour. ...
  • Daiquiri. ...
  • Margarita. ...
  • Mai Tai.

What is a sour toe cocktail? ›

How did the Sourtoe cocktail come to be? It all started during prohibition, with a nasty case of frostbite. The Sourtoe Cocktail is practically a rite of passage for visitors to Dawson City, Yukon. It's a simple drink (a shot of whiskey, usually Yukon Jack) with an unusual accompaniment: a mummified human toe.

What makes a cocktail unique? ›

Cocktails are different from standard alcoholic beverages as they are made by hand; they don't come pre-made in a can or bottle. A strong alcohol — tequila, gin, rum, vermouth, vodka — is usually used as the base and then skillfully combined with supplementary beverages and fruit or herbs for decoration.

What is the most ordered drink? ›

The Most Popular Cocktails List Nationwide
3Old Fashioned
1 more row

What are the top 10 classic cocktails? ›

  1. Old Fashioned. King of the cocktails is the Old Fashioned – and that's six years straight this vanguard drink of the classic cocktail revival has topped our poll.
  2. Negroni. ...
  3. Daiquiri. ...
  4. Dry Martini. ...
  5. Whiskey Sour. ...
  6. Espresso Martini. ...
  7. Margarita. ...
  8. Manhattan. ...
6 Jan 2020

Whats the most ordered drink at a bar? ›

11 Popular Drinks to Order at the Bar
  1. Shots. Tequila shots. ...
  2. Martinis. Although the martini might sound like a “Mad Men” throwback, it's never really gone out of style. ...
  3. Bloody Marys. The Bloody Mary remains a true classic in terms of bar drink requests. ...
  4. Whiskey Sours. ...
  5. Manhattans. ...
  6. Screwdrivers. ...
  7. Gin and Tonics. ...
  8. Rum and Cokes.
1 Sept 2020

What is the most popular drink in the world besides water? ›

Coffee. This rich, fragrant beverage is the world's most favorite beverage, consumed by many as they begin their day and several times throughout the day. Coffee is a wake-you-up drink in the morning and a keep-you-up drink at night, and it truly does make the world go round.

What are the 6 classic cocktails? ›

They are the Old Fashioned, Martini, Daiquiri, Sidecar, Whiskey Highball, and Flip. In each drink, every ingredient falls into at least one category.

Where is the best cocktail in the world? ›

Securing the top spot as the coveted "best cocktail bar in the world" is The Connaught Bar in London, which arguably boasts the world's best martini. No wonder!

Is the Sourtoe cocktail real? ›

It exists at this Canadian saloon. If you're looking for a drink with an extra kick, the Sourtoe Cocktail has just the ingredient: a human toe.

How much does a Sourtoe cocktail cost? ›

In the half-century since its invention in 1973, nearly 100,000 courageous drinkers have downed the concoction to become members of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club, earning a certificate in the process. Served nightly between 9 and 11 p.m. at the Sourdough Saloon, the toe garnish costs $10, plus the price of the booze.

Do they still make Yukon Jack? ›

It is now produced in Valleyfield, Quebec and owned by the Sazerac Company. Yukon Jack was selected as the regimental liqueur used for special occasions and commemorations for the South Alberta Light Horse and the 19th Alberta Dragoons.

What are the 4 components that balance all cocktails? ›

The key to delicious cocktails is balance. In early 19th century definitions, cocktails are said to comprise four elements: spirits, sugar, water and bitters. Classic cocktails like the Sazerac, Old Fashioned and Manhattan draw from this essential structure.

How do you do a signature drink? ›

Point taken.
  1. Step 1: Think about what spirits your guests would like. ...
  2. Step 2: Pair the spirit base with a seasonal ingredient or two. ...
  3. Step 3: Try adding one or two other ingredients. ...
  4. Step 4: Finish with a nice garnish. ...
  5. Step 5: Don't forget the name. ...
  6. Step 6: Put it all into action!
8 Dec 2015

What is a gentleman drink? ›

Pour bourbon, brandy, and creme de menthe over ice into highball glass. Add club soda and garnish with a lemon twist. Serve in a Highball Glass.

What is the next alcohol craze? ›

Hard seltzer brands are rapidly growing in popularity, with fun fruity flavors from Black Cherry to Spicy Pineapple. While hard seltzer sales don't show any signs of slowing, expect to see demand grow for a greater variety of non-traditional hard drinks in 2022. “Hard seltzers are so popular right now.

What are the most drunk drinks in the world? ›

The preparation of beer is called brewing. Beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic drink, and is the third-most consumed drink overall, after water and tea.

What is the best alcoholic drink for a girl? ›

12 classy cocktails for a girls' night
  • Moscow mule.
  • Espresso martini.
  • Negroni.
  • Vodka lime and soda.
  • Bloody Mary.
  • PIMM'S spritz.
  • Gin spritz.
  • Champagne cocktail (French 75)

What is America's national cocktail? ›

Does the U.S. have a national cocktail? While the U.S. does not have a national cocktail as Canada does, it has a national spirit. Bourbon whiskey was proclaimed the U.S. National Spirit by an act of Congress in 1964.

What is the easiest drink to order at a bar? ›

Top 10 Simple Mixed Drinks To Order At A Bar
  • Mojito.
  • Daiquiri. ...
  • Old Fashioned. ...
  • Cape Codder. ...
  • Seven & Seven. ...
  • Cosmopolitan. ...
  • Moscow Mule. ...
  • Rum & Coke. Rum and Coke is such a quintessential pairing that some brands, like Jack Daniel's, even have ready-made Rum and Coke in a can to satisfy your thirst! [ ...
19 Aug 2022

What are the 7 basic cocktails? ›

The 7 essential cocktails every drinker should know how to make
  • Martini.
  • Manhattan.
  • Negroni.
  • Old-Fashioned.
  • Gin and Tonic.
  • Daiquiri.
  • Margarita.
29 Sept 2022

What is the most popular cocktail right now? ›

The 'Old Fashioned' has been revealed as the most popular drink being ordered in bars right now, according to a survey of the world's best bartenders.

What is the most popular alcoholic drink in America? ›

Well, the most popular type of liquor in most U.S. states is whiskey, but vodka is a close second. Meanwhile, staple liquors like tequila and rum aren't the most popular liquor in nearly as many states, so the gap between whiskey and vodka and the other liquors is quite large.

What does creative cocktail attire mean? ›

Creative cocktail is the same way. You will keep with the spirit of cocktail attire (semi-formal, dresses and jackets) but not limit yourself to the traditional staid black dresses and boring pumps.

What type of Whisky is used to make the blue blazer? ›

Jerry Thomas, considered the father of American mixology, debuted the Blue Blazer recipe in his 1862 bartenders manual. It's essentially a hot toddy made with Scotch—and some very impressive showmanship.

What are the names of some rude cocktails? ›

Inappropriately named cocktails
  • Miscarriage.
  • Monte's sex potion. 2 oz coconut rum. 2 oz Chambord. ...
  • Dr. Pepper. ½ pint lager. ...
  • The Coffee Cocktail. 1.5 oz port. 1.5 oz brandy. ...
  • Journalist. 2 oz gin. 1/2 oz sweet vermouth. ...
  • Lady Diana. 0.5 oz sugar. ...
  • Broken Heart Zombie Mai Tai. 2 oz gold rum. ...
  • Blood of Satan. 1/2 shot Bailey's Irish Cream.
27 Jun 2011

What is a good signature cocktail? ›

  • Berry Rose Mojito. Get your cocktail hour on with a winning mix of strawberries, lime, mint, sugar and most importantly, sparkling rosé. ...
  • Pretty-in-Pink Mimosa. ...
  • Beer Margarita. ...
  • Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour. ...
  • Lavender Collins Cocktail. ...
  • Purple Rain Perfection. ...
  • Autumn Harvest Sangria. ...
  • Magical Margarita.

What is the best drink for a girl to order at a bar? ›

12 classy cocktails for a girls' night
  • Pina colada. Get the girls in the groove, island-style. ...
  • Vodka spritz. For some real bestie bonding serve this vodka spritz with the zesty undertones of lemon and lime.
  • Vodka and watermelon punch. ...
  • Peachy keen. ...
  • Moscow mule. ...
  • Espresso martini. ...
  • Negroni. ...
  • Vodka lime and soda.

What is cocktail dress code for ladies? ›

Essentially, it means you should dress in relatively formal clothing—but not too formal. It's kind of an in-between place, if you will. Think: mini and midi dresses that are chic and polished, suiting that's a bit more tailored, and footwear that feels elevated (literally, if you're wearing heels).

Can I wear a long dress to a cocktail wedding? ›

Cocktail Wedding Attire for Women

It traditionally skews on the formal side—but that doesn't mean you need to wear a floor-length evening gown. While you might want to leave the mini skirt at home, it's perfectly appropriate to wear a midi cocktail dress or something that hits just above the knee.

Can I wear black jeans for cocktail attire? ›

You might wonder if you can wear jeans or sneakers to a cocktail attire event. In some cases, you can, but in general, you should avoid wearing jeans and sneakers to these types of events. If you are unsure, then your best bet is to not wear them.

What gives you a buzz like alcohol? ›

Drinking kava has the same positive effects of alcohol without any of the downsides. Similar to alcohol, Kava relaxes the mind and body. After a glass, you feel lightweight and all the stresses of the day start to fall away. And a drink of kava will certainly give you a happy buzz.

What can I drink to relax instead of alcohol? ›

What to drink instead of alcohol
  • Soda and fresh lime. Proof that simple is still the best.
  • Berries in iced water. This summery drink will keep you refreshed and revitalised.
  • Kombucha. ...
  • Virgin bloody Mary. ...
  • Virgin Mojito. ...
  • Half soda/half cranberry juice and muddled lime. ...
  • Soda and fresh fruit. ...
  • Mocktails.

What to order at a bar when you're not drinking? ›

11 nonalcoholic drinks and mocktails you can order at any bar
  1. Orange juice + Cranberry juice. Vodka drinkers may recognize this combo as a Madras, sans vodka. ...
  2. Sprite + Orange juice. Sure, you could just order orange juice on the rocks. ...
  3. Soda + cranberry + lime. ...
  4. Ginger beer. ...
  5. Shirley Temple. ...
  6. Roy Rogers. ...
  7. Virgin Tom Collins. ...
  8. 8. “
12 Dec 2019

What sugar is best for old fashioned? ›

1. Sugar: The Old Fashioned is traditionally made with either granulated white sugar or a sugar cube. Superfine bar sugar is fast-dissolving and eliminates the potential for a crunchy cocktail, as does simple syrup. ⇒ If you're avoiding white sugar, try another sweetener.

What does Blue Blazer mean? ›

Definition of blue blazer

: a cocktail made of ignited Scotch whiskey and boiling water with sweetening and lemon peel added.

How do you flame a drink? ›

Four Flaming Drinks - YouTube


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