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BOLO Mobile is a photo sharing application for law-enforcement only. BOLO is a popular acronym among police departments meaning "Be On the Look Out".

BOLO Mobile: Police-only photo sharing

Photo sharing from a computer

Highly Scalable

Supports millions of groups and photos

Exclusively for law-enforcement

Photo sharing application for law-enforcement only

Cloud Based

Cloud servers keep phones free of evidence.

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Collaborative Framework

We can integrate with the right CAD, RMS, Sharepoint and other partners.

Cross Browser

BOLO Admin and Group Admin back end support cross browser

24/7 Support

24x7 Support gives you round-the-clock access to advanced support.

In a world of instant visual information, BOLO Mobile is a mobile app that gives Police the instant access to photos that they need.

When a photo is available, no longer will Officers need to base suspect searches and potential stops on images viewed during roll call. Additionally, they will not need to base stops and searches on the verbal physical descriptions that are transmitted via the radio. BOLO Mobile makes photos available in the moment.

In many cases today, members of your department have access to suspect images from crime scene surveillance systems, In-house databases such as mug-shot, or social media. Doesn't it make sense that ALL your staff should have that same access within seconds? The old adage that "A picture is worth a thousand words" couldn't be truer in Law Enforcement.


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Dispatchers & Detective Bureaus can easily disseminate photographs to Officers on the street from In-House databases like Mugshot, License, missing-person and composite drawings.

Officers responding to crimes or situations where photos are available will use their phone to take photos of suspects (from security footage or from other photos) and share them immediately with other Officers in the field.


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No. This is an encrypted Police-only tool and will contain only photos and data from participating law enforcement groups.


BOLO Mobile gives your department a significant technological leap forward. The improvements gained by using BOLO Mobile in Officer safety, faster captures and identifications of suspects and missing persons through immediate photo sharing, cannot be overstated.

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Members of participating Police Departments can share any available photos and written details with each other by taking photos directly into our secure mobile app on their Android phones, their iPhones, their iPads, or from their computers.

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Chief Joseph Solomon

Methuen Police Department

"BOLO Mobile is leading the way for instant photo sharing across law enforcement networks. Take a look at it. We believe it has made a big difference for us with instant communication of missing and wanted individuals."

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Detective Mike Williams

Dracut Police Department

"We've had BOLO Mobile for over 2 years now and it has helped us identify numerous suspects. It has also assisted in disseminating photographs of dozens of missing persons, a task that used to be accomplished by black and white photocopies, but only within our PD. With BOLO Mobile, now I gain the assistance of other departments with our missings. I don't know why it's taken so long for someone to come up with this brilliant tool, but I can't imagine trying to do this job without it."

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Bolo Mobile (2024)
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