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Now that you've set up Microsoft 365, you can install individual Office applications on your Mac, PC, or mobile devices.

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Microsoft Office apps can be found on your Start menu. If you don't see them, you can install them yourself.

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  1. Go to You might need to sign in with your work account.
  2. Select Install Office > Microsoft 365 apps > Run , and then select Yes.
  3. The Office apps are installed. The process may take several minutes. When it completes, select Close.
  4. To install Microsoft Teams, go to the page, and choose Teams.
  5. Get the Windows app, and then select Run. Teams displays a prompt when installation is complete.

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If you purchased Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) Plan 1 or Plan 2, you're eligible for Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). To download MIM, go to the Download Center.

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