The Best Airlines in the U.S.: 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards (2024)


2. Hawaiian Airlines

From its origins as a local-service puddle jumper, Hawaiian has grown to operate a network of inter-island and U.S. mainland routes, plus long-distance flights around the Pacific region. Readers appreciate the premium cabin, with lie-flat seating available on some ultra-long flights, and all passengers can enjoy island-inspired food and beverage options, including Maui Brewing Company beer and hard seltzer, Honolulu-roasted Lion Coffee, caramel macadamia nut popcorn, and furikake chips. In 2016, they also teamed up with On the Rocks for a line of bottled co*cktails that now includes a Mai Tai, a passionfruit-infused Molokai Mule, and the Tropical Landing, which pairs gin with violet, coconut, guava, and citrus. And if it’s reliability you care about, Hawaiian is routinely ranked the most on-time carrier in the country.

The Best Airlines in the U.S.: 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards (2024)
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