How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (2024)

How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (1)

Traveling somewhere soon? In case you didn’t know: You can conveniently apply for a Philippine passport or renew an expired one at the multiple satellite offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) at SM Supermalls nationwide.

Even better: Aside from having multiple satellite offices in Manila and all over the country, the DFA has also launched several Temporary Off-Site Passport Services (DFA-TOPS) in 2021—some of them within SM malls—to make their passporting services more accessible. This is in response to the heightened demand for appointment slots following the pandemic-related lockdowns.

But how exactly does one get a DFA appointment? Here, we break down the steps to securing your new passport—at your favorite mall, too!

Step 1: Select your appointment slot and venue online.

The first thing you have to do is book a slot through DFA’s official booking website: The site offers a scheduling system that lets you choose your preferred DFA site and select an available date and time slot for either individual or group appointments.

Here’s a quick look at DFA site options at SM Malls:

SM City Manila5th Floor
SM Megamall7F Carpark Bldg
SM City Davao3rd Floor
SM Cherry Antipolo3rd Floor
SM City San Pablo2nd Floor
SM City Dasmarinas2nd Floor
SM CDO Downtown Premier5F BPO Tower
SM Mall of AsiaLevel 2 North Parking
SM AuraIMAX Lobby
SM City Manila4th Floor
SM Lanang Premier2nd Level
SM Seaside Cebu3rd Floor Mountain Wing
SM City Sucat3rd Level
SM CDO Downtown Premier3rd Level
SM City Olongapo3rd Level

Step 2: Input your application details completely and accurately.

Once you’ve chosen your venue, date, and time, you will be asked to provide the necessary data for your application, including your home address, parents’ names, and contact details. For renewals or lost passports, make sure you have your old passport on hand because you’ll be needing details such as your passport number, date of issue, and issuing office.

Some tips:

  • Watch out for typos, especially in the names and birthdays. DFA officers cannot edit these fields on site so you will need a new appointment.
  • Your chosen slot is only reserved for you for a limited time (30 to 60 minutes) so make sure you complete the online process quickly.

Step 3: Review your details before proceeding to payment.

You will be given a chance to review all your encoded data before confirming and proceeding to payment so take this chance to double-check everything. When you’re ready, you can choose from these options: Regular processing at DFA sites costs P950 (12 days) and P1,200 for expedited processing (6 days). At Temporary Off-Site Passport Services (TOPS) facility, though, there is no option for expedited processing, and the fee is set at P1,200 for regular processing (12 to 15 days).

You can opt to pay for your passport processing fees through select payment centers nationwide or via debit or credit card. Important: All fees are non-refundable and will be forfeited if you fail to show up for your appointment, if you cancel your slot, or if your application is rejected due to wrong information or discrepancies.

Step 4: Wait for your confirmation e-mail.

Your application form will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided. Print the form and bring it on the date of your appointment, along with other necessary documents. Read here for a complete list of requirements.

Here are the core requirements for passport application for adults and minors:

How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (2)

How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (3)

For more info on requirements, check the DFA website here.

Step 5: Show up to your appointment.
Make sure you’re at the site at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment, and in proper, decent attire. Minor applicants, seniors, pregnant women, and persons with disability are allowed to have one companion inside the site. Don’t forget to mask up, too, and to observe health protocols.

Are walk-ins allowed?

Walk-ins are only allowed for those eligible for the Courtesy Lane and bearing the complete requirements. There is a cut-off time for walk-in applicants, though, so it’s best to check with your preferred site before going.

How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (4)

Step 6: Choose your claiming or delivery option.
Once done with the whole process, you can choose between pick-up and courier delivery options for your passport. Done and done!

The best part of getting your passport at SM sites? You can conveniently shop, dine, or simply unwind before or after your appointment! Plus, you can also avail of other government servicesat the mall—from your PSA birth certificate or Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card (UMID) to your driver’s license or PRC card. (Click here to read more.)

For more details and answers to FAQs about the DFA process, you may read more here.

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How to Apply For A Passport at DFA Offices at SM Malls (2024)
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