Japan Airlines (JAL) - oneworld Member Airline (2024)

Japan Airlines (JAL) - oneworld Member Airline (1)

Connecting Japan And The World As The 'Wings Of Japan'

Japan Airlines (JAL) - oneworld Member Airline (2)


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    Frequent Flyer Programme

Pick And Cruise

Whether you are flying international or domestic, Japan Airlines offers a premium travel experience. For long-haul international flights, up to four cabin classes are available: First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy. Select domestic flights also offer First Class and Class J (Business Class) accommodations.

Japan Airlines (JAL) - oneworld Member Airline (4)

Privileges, Points And More

Flying as a member of the Mileage Bank Frequent Flyer Programme (JMB) has its benefits. Every time you make an eligibleoneworldflight, you earn reward points along with points that count towards your tier status. The more you fly, the better it gets.

Top tier cardholders receive specialoneworldbenefitswhen flying on anyoneworldmember airline.

To learn more about your JMB tier and the perks of flying within theoneworld family, visitJapan Airlines' website.

  • JMB Tier

  • oneworld Tier

  • Japan Airlines Global Club Diamond/Japan Airlines Mileage Bank Diamond
  • Japan Airlines Global Club Premier
  • Japan Airlines Global Club Sapphire/Japan Airlines Mileage Bank Sapphire
  • Japan Airlines Global Club Crystal/Japan Airlines Global Club
  • Japan Airlines Mileage Bank Crystal

Affiliate Airlines

For even more travel possibilities, consider these affiliates of Japan Airlines.

Japan Airlines (JAL) - oneworld Member Airline (2024)
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